How you can make a successful blog with no experience

No-one studies blogging at school and it’s quite weird to say you blog for a living (my parents and friends still don’t really get it). But if done well, blogging can lead to that financial independence you want. I haven’t been blogging for a very long time, and already my blog is offering me a lifestyle I didn’t think was possible.

I’m very honest with my blogging. I know I’m not the best by any stretch of the imagination but I enjoy want I do. Blogging has a dark side, run by SEO/Google where people focus too much on making money and not enough on actually making interesting articles. I’m sure an SEO could look at my blog and point out all the mistakes, but for me, I’m not willing to sacrifice my creative space on the web for anyone else.

If you are interested in starting a blog and have no experience then check out this post to get you started. My post on how to make money blogging will also help you I’m sure.

Here’s my advice for you and your blog. Follow these 3 points and you won’t go far wrong:

Engage with your audience

reply to comments, emails, social media, etc. The real people trust blogs over companies is the fact they can speak with a real person and interact with them. If you take this away, then you’re not really offering them anything.

Be Honest and Transparent

don’t try and make a blog that is fake or about something you aren’t passionate about. The best blogs are the ones that are genuine. Whatever topic you choose, make sure you are passionate about it!

Make content that answers questions

if you’re thinking of writing a post but someone has already answered it think about what your post will bring to the table. Don’t ignore this topic because it’s already been written about but make sure your post is better than any other article out there. Are all the articles very long and boring, if so, why not make your post very visual. This way your post is unique and this is how you’ll grow an audience.

Pretty straight forward right? Yes,, it really is. Not over-complicate things. Keep it simple and make great blogs!

What do you think?