Make Money Online Today

Do you dream of financial independence? Are you sick of juggling family life and work? Well, making money online has never been easier! It starts with earning an extra tenner each week which helps fund those Friday night drinks. This then turns into investing in a few more projects and before you know it, you’re quitting your boring job, making money online and living a lifestyle you always dreamed of. You can work from the comfort of your home, usually on your own schedule, and you can be location independent and travel all over the world if you want to. Have I got your attention yet?

So How Can I Make REAL Money online?

Google this type of question and you get similar responses. Answers that don’t actually answer your question. We’re not talking about making £0.90 to fill out a survey. That’s all well and good, but this is about making enough money to actually quit your job and earn a full time income. At the time of writing this, the top response in google for ‘making money online’ told me that ‘online betting’ was a great way to make extra money. Gambling? Seriously, that’s my secret to financial independence. I feel I can offer slightly more useful info than that.

  • Start a blog – Blogging is how I make a living and just a few years ago I never thought it would be possible. It is genuinely not unreasonable to aim to earn well over £2,000 a month through blogging. Your blog wouldn’t actually need to be amazing to hit this kind of figure. Pick a topic you enjoy and know lots about and start writing. This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme but if you put the effort in you will see plenty of rewards!
  • Edit articles – Websites and Blogs need editors and managers. No matter how many times a person reads an article, something usually slips through the net. You’d be surprised how much you could earn from this. I was employed as a freelance proofer at an agency and used to pull in £300 a week to proof 15 articles. Not too shabby!
  • Manage social website accounts for others. Lots of businesses are run by an older generation who simply don’t understand social media. If you use facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, etc, you can get paid to do it. You might think it’s obvious but others genuinely aren’t very good at it. I’ve worked with small local businesses and really turned things around for their social profiles.
  • Help small businesses with their website or blog. Hope you took note of the first point and have set up a blog. After a little while, hopefully you’ll have got the hang of it and now possess a skill that is in demand. Now you can approach businesses and offer to help them out. Sounds unlikely? Well, with just over 6 months experience of blogging, I had offers coming in asking for help without approaching anyone.
  • Create pictures/photos/graphics. Have you got a popular instagram account? Simply develop this and start charging people to your amazing pictures.
  • Sponsored posts on social media. This may become illegal in the future but at the moment I see plenty of bloggers tweeting out on behalf of companies. Maybe it’s for free but the business-woman inside me feels they may have paid for such promotion!
  • Freelance writing. First, you will need to find someone to hire you. Start by writing for others for free. Once you feel confident you can start approaching others and seeing if people will pay you for such a service. If done successfully, this can pull in quite a large amount of money.
  • Moderate forums. Popular forums need support. Simply drop them an email asking if you can get involved.
  • Virtual assist. This is a really interesting one. In some ways it can be seen as offering help to someone online. This can cover lots of different tasks and roles. The reason why I’m so interested in this, is it appears a great way to network and build relationships with influencers. Would you believe me if I told you a virtual assistant become one of the world’s most success affiliate online marketer’s latest business partner? Well, its true and probably gonna make that person very rich. Am I jealous? Definitely!