Jorvik Centre Review

One of the main objectives for this blog is to share the best days out you can have with your family. Whether this is related to adventure, cooking, sports, traveling, educational, whatever… I think it’s these days out that really brings a family together and create the moments that you’ll all remember in years to come.

I recently got asked what I thought of the Jorkiv Centre in York. This is all about Vikings and offers some really amazing experiences for young kids. York’s very touristy so the good thing about this is you can easily make a day (or even weekend) of it and get lots of activities crossed off. Whether you’ve got young kids or your family is starting to grow up a little, York could be the perfect destination. A York Pass can also offer discounts at various places so check out their website.

The Jorvik Viking Centre is based in the city centre of York and takes you on a journey through a reconstruction of Viking-Age streets as they would have been 1000 years ago. As you enter the Jorvik Centre you are faced with a glass floor, under which you’ll find the remains of 1,000 year old houses. I’ve never been a massive fan of museums but I did find this trip very interesting. There’s lots to see and touch and I don’t think you’d get bored in there. The queues can get pretty big though so arrive early and prepare in advance.

Couple this with a ghost walk, or a tour of the ruins and this could be the perfect educational day out for your family. I think kids will always prefer adventure/activity days out but it is nice to add some educational trips in there. If the kids are at school and studying history, showing them this kind of place can definitely make them more motivated.

Anyway, let me know what you all thought of the Jorvik Centre and if you’d recommend it :)