5 Ways To Make Extra Money

I wouldn’t say I’m poor, however I’m by no stretch of the imagination rich or well off. I left university in massive debt like many across the UK and I struggled to find a well-paying job. I don’t think my story is very unique and I know so many people is similar positions. The reality is, I have managed to gain financial independence by simply ‘hustling’ and going out there and being creative when it comes to earning money. I don’t like to be controlled by money, however the reality is, having extra cash definitely makes life that little bit easier. I would never compromise time with my family or friends for an extra few pounds, but here’s a list of some things I’ve done to help pay for those occasional treats.

I hate living a life that is focused around a monthly paycheck. It is boring and quite depressing. Working harder and getting rewarded there and then for it is a great feeling and has motivated me to work harder (and consequently earn more money!). It’s one of those nice cycles that are hard to come by.

I have now paid off my student loans which have allowed me to have more financial freedom. I eventually left my regular job and transformed my side hustles into my full-time business. This blog is simply my story and this article is about a few easy ways to make some extra money. I’ve tried a lot of different things to make extra income (all legal, don’t worry!) and this list are the 5 things I think anyone can implement)

Best ways make extra money

  • I entered prize draws and giveaways

Businesses are always giving off freebies and prizes. Simply following brands and companies on social media and keeping track of them is a good start. Enter as many as you can, it usually just requires filling in a form that takes 30 seconds and you could win a money, holidays, gift cards, products, and more. I personally like to keep any prizes I win but you could always sell your winnings on eBay or Craigslist.

  •  I used to staff write for side income.

This one might not be for everyone but I’ve included it because I’ve personally had so much success with this. Check out my previous article about the possibilities of earning big money from freelance writing. This takes a bit of hard work and isn’t as easy as the other things on this list but it has big opportunities. You could potentially turn this into a business and quite literally freelance write for a living (earning a healthy income from it too!)

  •  mystery shopper

One of my friends did this and I couldn’t believe the money she was making. I haven’t done as much mystery shopping as I’d have liked to but I’ve loved every chance I’ve had. Getting paid to shop! What’s not to love about this? It doesn’t bring in the same kind of money as freelance writing but it can result in more freebies which is never a bad thing.

  • Do Surveys

Similar to mystery shopper, this doesn’t pay too much, but I used to do these surveys on the train or bus. By the end of the week, I’d have maybe earned £15-20. This isn’t gonna change my life but a nice treat to take home.

  •  I rented extra rooms in my house for extra money.

Housing is so expensive in the UK, if you have a spare room you might not appreciate how much people would be willing to pay. When I first left university, I was paying £600/m for a room in someone’s house. This wasn’t even London.

So there are a few things to get you started! Let me know if you have any other ideas that have worked for you :)